Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

There’s always a handful of characters who are more popular than others at every cosplay event – last year I went to a few Cosplay conventions in South Africa, and took note of some of those awesome characters, and have listed them leading up to the most popular.


The Shingeki no Kyojin uniform (Attack on Titan):

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

This show’s fan base is colossal! Most people who watch anime have seen, or at the very least heard of Shingeki no Kyojin with its breathtaking artwork, exhilarating storylines and plots, brilliant characters, and legendary intros.

Thanks to that it is unsurprising that we have seen this uniform very frequently, however, this form of cosplay is slightly different from the typical cosplay concept in that most people don’t cosplay as specific characters, but rather just wear the uniform; being able to both cosplay, and be themselves.

As a bonus, these costumes are relatively easy to get your hands on, and the price is not too bad on the cosplay cost scale. They are simple to put on, are not too restricting at all, and don’t cause you to overheat.

All of this explains why people are always ready to suit up and fly with these great costumes.



Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Regardless of what cosplay event we attend, there are always some Spideys hanging around; and last year was no different. From fully detailed costumes to people walking around in casual clothes with masks on, it was impossible not to see them.

With some of the more recent releases of Spiderman movies and shows, like Into the Spider-Verse and No Way Home, the cosplay options for Spiderman have moved beyond being limited to the classic full red and blue costume. Now people have a slightly wider variety of full Spiderman outfits to choose from; that combined with the availability of the costumes, and his popularity makes this character a shoo-in for many.

Whenever you go to a cosplay event, know your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman will always be there.


Denji - Chainsaw Man:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

From one of the most popular the new to 2022 anime shows Chainsaw Man, this character is quite frequent in cosplay, but it is definitely NOT something to get bored of seeing!

The amazing and enticing cosplays of this character can send chills down your spine, making it difficult for you to look away. Not the easiest character to pull off, these cosplays were still seen roaming ominously around the conventions.

So in case we are lucky enough to see these characters there again this year, keep your head up and eyes open, because you won’t want to miss them.


Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen):

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Many of the characters from Jujutsu Kaisen are popular in the cosplay field at the moment, but the supremely popular character at the cosplay convention in South Africa last year was, without a doubt, the main protagonist, Yuji Itadori.

Being the easy, but fun, and very easily distinguishable character he is, makes him the perfect candidate for a casual weekend cosplay.


Jinx (League of Legends):

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Always showing up with a big bang, Jinx holds her ground as one of the tops in cosplay.

From the ever-popular game, league of legends, this crazy badass character sets flares in people's hearts and minds. A fun and quirky character to cosplay as with a crazy look in her eye and a tendency to fire first and think later.

Her clothes are minimalistic, and appear quite easy to pull off, but the small intricate details that need to be added make it deceivingly more challenging than it looks. Another tricky part of this cosplay are the weapons she carries around; this did not stop these awesome cosplayers though as they still showed up rocking their costumes in style.


Wednesday Adams:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

From the show…. Well, Wednesday, this series as well as the cosplay is extremely popular at the moment. Having been released in November 2022, this show’s popularity skyrocketed at an astonishing rate!

To cosplay as this character, all one really needed was a set of black clothes, a braided wig, and possibly an umbrella, and they were all set! This character was also a rather convenient, yet exciting and enjoyable to cosplay as.

On account of this, there were certainly a lot of Wednesdays coming out to play at the weekend cosplay events; ironically out of character because as we all know, she does like stabbing, but being social, not so much.


Poison Ivy:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Ivy really managed to wrap her vines around people last year, especially at the Comic Con Africa event that took place in September; talk about being in a walking forest!

The character’s variety of versions and styles makes her a very expedient character for casual cosplay. There are many variations of outfits that could be worn which would be suitable for this character, as long as people incorporate fake versions of her signature poison ivy vines; which can be bought at an affordable price from many craft shops, plastic stores or can be ordered online.

Unless you want to really go all out, in which case you could probably find some fresh vines growing in your neighbour’s garden!

On a serious note, don’t do that. Stealing from your neighbour is a bad idea.


My Hero Academia:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Another show that brought in a whole flock of its characters. BNHA was rated as one of the top anime of the year shortly after its release. That being said, it is no surprise that many people love and cosplay as these characters.

The most common characters we saw this last year were Himiko Toga, the fiery Bakugo Katsuki, and the sweet Ochaco Uraraka.


Harley Quinn:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

Harley has many voices; and no, we are not just referring to the ones inside her head.

The large amount of Harley cosplays makes it impossible for her kooky voice not to be heard. DCs beloved psycho sweetheart has been going strong as one of the top go-to cosplays since the release of Suicide Squad in 2016!

Her eccentric personality combined with her comfortable, breathy clothes makes this badass character a natural choice for someone looking to engage in a fun cosplay weekend. From the traditional Comic Style Harley Quinn to Margot Robbie’s Harley, you can always be certain that you will see some of these costumes.


Genshin Impact:

Top 10 Most popular Cosplays of 2022 – South Africa

And number one on our list… Genshin Impact. Need we say more?

One of the most popular free to play RPGs right now, these awesome looking costumes have been soaring in popularity with their vibrant colours and detailed intricate designs. It is not so much that we saw multiple of a singular character, but more that there were just so many characters from this game attending the events that it was almost as though we shifted into the world of Teyvat at certain times. With the amount of characters and accuracy in design, you could almost smell the Adeptus' Temptation brewing in the next town over; unfortunately though, it’s not for you.

2022 was certainly exciting with the return of in person events. People really brought their all and I hope to see many more amazing cosplays and so very excited for what this year will bring!

Janelle Rickhoff

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