Christopher “DaDexo” van Ysendyk has been in various teams over the years however his most important stint as a competitive player was his captaincy over ViNCO Gaming’s PUBG team and upon his leaving has ventured into various supportive roles including his current role as the Community Manager for Skrmiish

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I had a chat with Christopher about the upcoming event & what we can expect from Skrmiish.

When did you realize your passion for gaming was what you wanted to do professionally?

DaDexo: I’ve known my dream was to be involved in the esports industry professionally since I started competing 2 years ago. I knew that either I would make it professionally as a player, or I would result to casting and any other job I could find or create within the industry. Any job away from gaming is almost unimaginable at this point.

When did you and Joshua Weiss get the idea for Skrmiish?

DaDexo: Joshua Weiss and I didn’t come up with or start Skrmiish, we actually started a company called Gravity South which is a casting and production company that specializes in online digital production for PUBG, this then led to the encounter with the international startup Skrmiish who proceeded to hire both Joshua Weiss and myself as well as now working together with our company, Gravity South for the Blitz event.

Now that the Skrmiish app looks set to bring new life into the PUBGZA scene, what are your plans to expand to other titles?

DaDexo: Skrmiish is a very powerful tool and application, we have launched into PUBG with a single game mode but plan to expand as fast as possible to the most requested titles by our community. Purchasing our supporter’s pack provides you with a perk that enables the player to give direct feedback and have open discussions with our development team. Right now, our communities’ creativity is the limit.

In the Skrmiish app you can earn beta points, are there any other reward ideas you are thinking of implementing down the line?

DaDexo: Currently, the beta points dictate your standing on our global leaderboard, and each week the top 4 players with the most Beta Points will be entered into a monthly live-streamed event providing a prize pool. This month end’s event boasts a prize pool of 1000 dollars.

Beyond this, we are constantly searching for new methods to reward and motivate our community.

Looking at the 10 game BLITZ series this weekend, is there any team that stands out as favourites?

DaDexo: For this weekend’s specific event, I would say 4Kings are looking very dangerous as they have just come off a previous event in 1st place establishing themselves as the current top African team. But that being said, there are countless teams more than capable of blowing us away, so we’ll have to wait and see this Sunday.

Watch the entire event live through Gravity South:

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