Madara's Workshop aka Oliverrouz on Reddit has designed a truly unique CS:GO weapon skin called P90 Screenchanger v2 which is a one-of-a-kind skin with an interesting animated texture design, which enables the text on the weapon to switch between words Hold and Rush while playing. The skin also features a smooth fluorescent colour combination in addition to a holographic texture, giving it a colour changing effect under different lighting conditions, including a glowing effect when you fire shots from it.

For your consideration the Screenchanger V2 with pearlescent. First Animated weapon skin texture. I've got inspired by sci-fi weapons from the future of the cyberpunk universe and retro wave. I've been making animation technology for few months. Fonts used are PC Senior Free for commercial use. The main font I had made myself.


Some of the awesome features include a colour changing ability under different lighting conditions, switching the text on the weapon between hold and rush is pretty neat considering how CSGO is played. Finaly there is the a effect that occurs when the weapon is fired, as you can see above, the weapon lights up when a player fires from it.

As it stands the CS:GO community on steam love the weapon skin, receiving multiple awards on the Steam Workshop, however it is still up to Valve to officially add it to the game, so if you would like to make that happen, be sure to go vote and share the official item in the workshop.

Would you like to see this skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Let us know in the comments


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