FYX is a re-branded continuation of blockchain-based esports platform initially developed under Kronoverse and is currently in its final development phases and is scheduled for a public launch later in 2021. In 2020, FYX (under Kronoverse) was admitted as a member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

The FYX platform leverages the unique characteristics of blockchain technology to power a competitive esports experience like no other, with cash matches and tournaments, with verifiable game integrity, integrated betting & wagering functionalities, as well as new methods of monetization for game developers.

FYX is going to change the way that esports are played, letting anyone compete in real money matches from home and democratising the world of competitive gaming. FYX represents the next evolution in the eSports landscape, creating new revenue streams for developers, while facilitating a whole new level of competition for players – all on a platform designed with game integrity as its core offering. - FYX CEO Adam Kling

FYX platform is run with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which provides a massively scaled network capable of handling huge volumes of payment and data transaction throughput at a low cost required by enterprise-grade blockchain applications. The Bitcoin SV blockchain will be used to verify player identity and facilitate instant tokenised fiat payments for FYX, with its public data ledger permanently storing individual match data in real-time – offering auditable game integrity and unlocking a host of unique new features, including on-demand replay and advanced data analytics.

Now being scepticle with anything cryto in the esports scene is understandable, however, FYX has assembled a strong team backed by an experienced advisory board, including Ron Chaimowitz, former chairman and CEO of GT Interactive Software and Richard Roberts, former CEO of Slingo, people who have been in the gaming industry a long time and understand the both sides of the isle.

To find out more or to sign up please head to their official site ► fyxgaming.com

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