Skrmiish, a new competitive online gaming app has joined forces with Gravity South, a PUBG live stream production company in South Africa to host a two day, 10 game BLITZ series this weekend from Sunday 17th and Monday 18th of May.

The tournament has been adapted to five games per day with a $500 prize pool up for grabs with $400 going towards the top four squads and $100 going towards the Skrmiish King Of The Kill special event winner.

Since this is an Africa priority event all participating African teams are only allowed one international player per squad and will play five games a day starting at 7:00 pm CEST. The map order for each game day includes Miramar, Miramar, Vikendi, Erangel, and Erangel. Note that the special Skrmiish bonus King Of The Kill event will take place on Tuesday, 19th May with the two highest fraggers from the BLITZ playing a 1v1 best-of-5 kill race with $100 going to the winning player.

We’ve decided to host a BLITZ #PUBGZA tournament because we know the local players are extremely passionate and we want to give them a reason to love PUBG again, says BLU3.

As most of the slots are taken for the event, players can still download the Skrmiish app from the Google Play and Apple app stores and then register their team on the Skrmiish Discord should there be an opening. When registering a team, the captain will be required to post all the players’ Skrmiish usernames. Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Check out our interview with Christopher “DaDexo” van Ysendyk

An Interview With Christopher “DaDexo” van Ysendyk on Skrmiish Blitz and Esports

Former competitive PUBG players and founders of Gravity South, Joshua ”BLU3” Weiss and Christopher “DaDexo” van Ysendyk are working together with the Skrmiish team to reinvigorate interest in PUBG. “PUBG is such a unique game that feels like it never got the chance to shine. What we are trying to do here is bring some thrill back into public matches, making players sweat like they did when they first played,” says BLU3.

The Skrmiish app allows the players to create a new type of public match within PUBG where you select your opponent, the settings, and the stakes. It is not a replacement for traditional team-based esports tournaments but rather exciting addition to PUBG gameplay.

Skrmiish BLITZ #PUBGZA tournament Details

Dates: 17th & 18th May 2020 ( 19th May – Skrmiish King Of The Kill)
Start Time: 7pm CET/ 10am PST

The stream can be viewed on the Gravity South Twitch channel –

Skrmiish Esports

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