When it comes to PC gaming, there are two battles being waged. The first is on the game itself. The second is between players. Or if you want to up your game, then you should consider some of these ideas about making the greatest gaming battlestation for your PC that you can.


To be the best, you need to see everything at all times. If you’re unable to see or you’re uninformed, then your enemies can use that against you. In the gaming world, that means you need quality monitors. Not only should your monitors offer a high resolution and refresh rate, but you should at least have two.

On the one monitor, you have the bulk of your gaming. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to extend this to another screen for an incredible widescreen view that can make every detail pop. Typically, however, the second monitor is used for quick reference look-up & an ability to pop in a few mods when needed. This second monitor is something akin to your wet works and espionage system.

No elite setup is complete without it.


Your battlestation begins with your desk. This is going to be the surface that hosts your monitors, keyboard, and any other equipment that you deem necessary for your station. Instead of just a traditional desk, however, the greatest of battlestations have gaming desks.

A gaming desk typically offers a set of features which appeal to both the practical and style requirements of gamers. They will typically have a surface material like Formica to remove the need for a mouse mat and improve accuracy with the mouse. They often focus on ergonomics to ensure you are in the most comfortable position for extended gaming sessions. And in terms of style, they can often be tailored to match the color scheme of your setup.

The OPEDGE desk from OPSeat, for example, has 11 color options for players to choose from, helping find the perfect fit for your setup.

The Chair

Your chair, or perhaps your throne is more appropriate, is the next most important aspect of your battlestation. The throne should be comfortable and allow for quick and easy movement between monitors and other parts of your desk. A gaming battlestation is never complete without the perfect throne for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Racing style chairs are the most popular with gamers, thanks to the comfort they provide for long gaming sessions. There are a diverse range of styles and colors available, so there should be something for everyone if you shop around.


To be fully immersed in the action and story, you need to have an incredible sound system. For some gamers, the use of speakers provides just that. It isn’t enough to have those speakers just in front of you, however. You need a complete immersion. That means you need to place those speakers around your set up. Perhaps even around the entire room itself. Of course, depending on where your battlestation is located, you may need to add in some soundproofing to your walls to ensure you don’t upset your neighbors when you have the sound of gunfire or the peaceful chirping of a digital forest running through your room.

If speakers aren’t really your thing, then you should invest in a headset instead. Much like speakers, you want the best quality of audio that you can receive. Not only will this make talking to your friends a lot easier, but it will ensure you don’t miss a single detail about the environment that you’re in virtually.

A Theme

While not strictly necessary, having a theme to your custom setup can really make it stand out from the crowd. Some people will simply pick a color to work with, and aim to match up to their LEDs, chair, desk and peripheral backlights to match. Others will go a little further, dedicating their setup to a particular game or brand.

Finally, you have the hardcore crowd who will theme their entire room to focus on a particular gaming theme. Whatever your approach, theming your setup can make a huge difference to the wow factor.

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This post was published in partnership with OPSEAT.

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