A Diablo 4 beta could be announced at BlizzCon 2021 - Rumour

According to the official Diablo IV Beta Access support page, as recently as 3 days ago it updated its answers to Beta questions, it may be Blizzard's intention to deny beta access now but a date could be announced during BlizzCon, or Blizzard could be thinking ahead in anticipation of fans asking about it?

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With Diablo 4's release still a long way off from release, allowing users to experience the game and contribute to its improvement could be beneficial to Blizzard in the long run.

Below you can see a screenshot of the Diablo 4 beta page

A Diablo IV beta BlizzCon 2021 Rumour

While we await news on the Beta, there is still a full show set to take place this weekend and fans can look forward to some new gaming content, announcements and developer Q&A's during the course of the show.

Here’s what BlizzCon 2021 has in store:

Day 1 begins with an opening ceremony segment that will provide a first look at upcoming Blizzard game content. After its conclusion, we’ll have six themed channels each containing hours of content for you to engage with.

Day 2 resumes at 21:00 CET on February 20. The themed channels make a return, except this time, we’ll be focusing on you . Join us as we answer your questions in developer Q&As and shine a spotlight on the passionate global Blizzard community.

The two-day virtual gaming event begins at 23:00 CET on February 19 and free to watch on BlizzCon.com

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