Football Manager 2023 kicks off on PS5 next month

Finally Football Manager 2023 is on its way to PS5 in February!

The football management simulator released on mobile, PC, Switch, and Xbox back in November 2022, but it was delayed on the PS5 due to unforseen circumstances. Well now Sega has confirmed that FM23 will debut on PS5 on 1st February 2023.

We are delighted to confirm that Football Manager 2023 Console will launch on PlayStation 5 on February 1st. Both SEGA and Sports Interactive have worked closely with Sony to overcome unforeseen complications which arose during the submissions and approvals process, and we’re relieved to bring an end to the frustration and uncertainty surrounding the release. 

Football Manager 2023 Console edition will launch with a 20% discount for all PlayStation Plus subscribers which will be redeemable until Tuesday, 14th February. Also keep in mind once all global transfer windows are closed, SEGAwill be providing a free transfer update to all PlayStation 5 players post launch. 

Thinking of a Valentines gift for your partner, think no further :)

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Boris Bulj


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