Goldeneye 007 releases on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

The latest addition to the Nintendo 64 catalog in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack and Game Pass is Rare's highly anticipated GoldenEye 007, and it's coming on Friday 27th January.

Since the announcement of GoldenEye 007 at last year's Nintendo Direct, we've been waiting for the release and the wait is finally over. The classic Goldeneye is coming to subscription services on 27th January.

That's right, tomorrow! Rumours have been rife that it would be released this week, and very soon we will be able to relive arguably the most remembered and loved James Bond video game adventure. While this version has all the charm of the original released in 1997, the Switch version will be better suited for deathmatches as it now also offers online multiplayer.

Will you be playing GoldenEye 007 tomorrow ? I know I will!



Boris Bulj


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