Marvel's Iron Man VR game finally has an official release date, Sony and game developer Camouflaj have confirmed the game will be available for PlayStation VR starting 3rd July 2020.

Marvel's Iron Man is the new virtual reality tie-in dedicated to one of my personal favourite Avengers and fictional Billionaires Tony Stark. Over the past 12 years, we have seen Robert Downey Jr on the big screen portray this charismatic man and now you can to...sort of :)


What you can expect in Marvel's Iron Man VR

Tony Stark has abandoned the production of weapons to devote himself to new technologies against evil. His exploits earned him worldwide fame, but also the rivalry of the Ghost, a hacker who fights corporations by modifying the old devices of Stark Industries.

To bring Tony's empire to its knees, Ghost launches a large-scale attack on his factories, sparking a conflict that will culminate in an epic final confrontation.

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