Bithell Games is set to release the Nintendo Switch version of 2D platformer Thomas Was Alone via the Nintendo eShop on February 19th for $9.99, however, the pre-orders are available now at a $7.99 discount, so you better get it while its on sale. There is also a demo for you to play should you just want to try it out.

In Thomas Was Alone you will experience some of the best atmospheric music composed by David Housden and complete intricate puzzles all while immersing yourself in the character's journey with the award-winning voiceover by Danny Wallace.

Bithell Games originally released Thomas Was Alone first for PC via Steam in 2012, followed by PS3 and PS Vita in 2013, iOS and Android in 2014, and PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii U in November 2014.

Let's take a look at what you will expect on your adventures

  • Beat 100 levels carefully designed to test your puzzle-solving skills and uncover the story of the AIs.
  • Utilize the unique skills of 12 different characters, each as unique as the AIs themselves.
  • Immerse yourself in David Housden’s critically acclaimed procedural score.
  • Includes the “Benjamin’s Flight” additional level pack – join new characters and utilize new abilities in 20 additional levels in a story about hope and the wild impetuosity of youth.
Pre-orders are available now at a $7.99 discount ►

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