7 Minutes of Need For Speed Heat Gameplay – Gamescom 2019

Finally! A brief and raw look, at Need for Speed Heat Gameplay. Thanks to a “handbrake-happy” IGN reviewer, we can get a small taste as to what the next installment of the Need for Speed franchise has to offer.

The video is split between two race types – a circuit race during the day and a sprint race during the night, in a Mercedes-AMG GT. I immediately noticed one thing apart from the driving skills of the reviewer. The night-time race – in my opinion – looked far better than the day race, on visuals, gameplay and viewer experience.

Note from Editor: We do not condone this sort of abysmal driving 🙂

The day race actually seemed a little bit choppier and not as visually smooth compared to night time. That being said, the day race was your more generic circuit type professional race and the night time racing looks to have the street racing feel of the past Underground games.

The night race also includes a brief look at the police at heat level 3, which indicates that the day race may be a professionally sanctioned race. You also start the night race at heat level 3, which is something that you may carry over from the open world, or makes some races a risk-for-reward gamble possibly.

In a nutshell, I can only speculate that they are going for a combination of Underground and ProStreet – judging by car customization detailing and the differences between day and night racing thus far.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay and visuals? Do you think EA may be trying to combine the best of both worlds of racing? Share in the comments below.