Dave Bautista is coming to Gears 5 – About F*cking Time!

Dave Bautista is no stranger to the Gears of War franchise, and his desperation to be part of the cinematic universe of the game was by no means, a secret. Earlier on this year in July, he took to Twitter to show his effort at trying to get the role of Marcus Fenix, and it did not go down to well – with Bautista tweeting, “believe me when I say I’ve tried everything to make this happen”.

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Needless to say the developers of Gears 5 – The Coalition – did give him the next best thing. Bautista himself took to Twitter to make the announcement and did not waste any time – at least in his own way – as to how long he has waited for this moment.

In true fashion to his nickname in his WWE days, “The Animal” really kept it short, sweet and brutal in his own kind of way – with the inclusion of a nice pair of shades, to add to the coolness factor. Another thing to note – though probably minor – is the spelling of his name for the game is “Batista”. This is a reference to how they spelled his name during his WWE days, which means the chances of “The Animal” nickname in Gears 5 is not far-fetched, and may even indicate the personality we can expect his character to have.

To back it up, developer The Coalition released a statement to Bleacher Report explaining, “Dave has long been passionate about joining the Gears franchise, and we’re thrilled to be working in partnership with him to bring his signature WWE style to the game. The iconic attitude of WWE’s Batista will be incorporated into Gears 5 as a multiplayer skin, allowing both Gears and wrestling fans alike to jump into the action as Batista across all multiplayer modes including Horde, Versus and Escape.”

I think the character of Batista would fit right into the Gears 5 universe like a glove, he has the physical features, aggression, and attitude that is fitting of a Gears soldier. I can also see him personally, doing an excellent job if he were to get the role of Marcus Fenix in the cinematic adaptation.

Gears 5 is set to release on September 10 for Xbox and PC, but you can get the game 4 days earlier on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Bautista’s character will be playable for multiplayer on September 15.