Dirt 4 Review (9/10) – Massive improvement from Dirt Rally

Whether you are a newcomer or veteran in the Dirt Rally series Dirt 4 is the apex in RallyCross racing. When you look back to Dirt Rally there were a few flaws that you would think would be ironed out and additional features added, well  Dirt 4 does that spectacularly well while also making it enjoyable for the newcomers who are on a journey to being fearless. Dirt 4 has redefined rally games, not sure if Codemasters know how high they set the bar now

Excellent customisations, sponsorship system and realism

At the start menu you are given options to select between two difficulty/handling styles, either Gamer or and Simulation.  In the Simulation style is set as the difficulty for dedicated or veterans looking for an authentic rally experience.  Noobs are a staple to the rallycross industry both in terms of gaming and in real life, it would be unwise to alienate newcomers from playing this game.  The mode/style for the newcomers is called Gamer which takes the mechanics of the game and tones them down to make it less realistic but the Gamer mode/style has its kicks, you still need to be fearless.

What players will love the most is the polished and user focused Career mode. In Dirt 4  you will experience new team facilities and upgrades to spend your money on. You really have to take control in the game, from making sure you have the most effective staff and engineers on your team. One of our favorite features is the options to choose sponsors and great sponsor deals that match your theme that can is spread across all your cars that you customise.  One thing that isn’t necessarily a flaw is you are unable to fully customise your logos and designs as you have to select from predetermined designs and placements.

Cars & Tracks are gorgeous

In previous Dirt games the graphics and rendering have been decent BUT what has been done in Dirt 4 has upped the horse power considerably. The cars look pristine and authentic to current iterations and fit perfectly on the redesigned and reworked tracks. When you have started using your car to the max that is when the game effects and graphical power comes into play, the cars will start appearing to have imperfections like dirty windows and muddy tires all thanks to the beautiful weather effects.  The weather and environment play an important role in making sure you take the championship instead of repairing your car in a ditch. There is immense satisfaction when the water splashes on you  windshield/screen, the way fog rolls in and impairs your sight which can have devistating effects on your race if you  lets say…hit a tree

Massive improvement from Dirt Rally

Dirt 4 is the best rally game to date, and we highly recommend to get yourself a copy because whatever you heard about the previous Dirt games, forget about them, this is Codemasters way of redefining the Rallycross racing genre, and we love it.