Fallout 76 to launch on Steam together with Wastelanders update

When we reported on the delay of the Wastelanders Update last year, we thought maybe Bethesda screwed up once again with promising more than they can deliver, however, Bethesda just made it clear that Fallout 76’s latest update was postponed so it could launch at the same time as the Steam release.

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The free Wastelanders update will release on 7 April 2020 on all platforms.

Initially scheduled for autumn 2019, the update in question is eagerly awaited because it promises to resolve some of the defects in the game, in particular, the inclusion of human NPCs and a more advanced dialogue system.

Despite the numerous controversies that have surrounded the game over the past few months, Bethesda is looking to boost sales of the game via Steam and hopefully, the Wastelanders update will bring some folks back who have given up on the game.

Will Fallout 76 be reborn on 7 April? Let us know in the comments.