FIFA 20 – Looks Like the Good Old Days Are Coming Back!

Since the arrival of Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) in 2009, EA has had a moneymaker on their hands regardless of what FIFA game they churn out. Over the past couple of editions of FIFA, it’s obvious to see that the fundamentals of just having fun were gone, and the business hats were put on to make as much money as possible.

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The Fifa community – compared to other gaming communities – are not has ruthless as others when it comes to fixing obvious mistakes in games…until recently. Fifa 19, was one of the worst games in general that I have ever played, to the point that even those “EA game changers” in the community had to actually be “game changers”, otherwise they would be judged by – the finally – outspoken millions of players. The result has been magnificent, and Fifa 20 looks to have the “potential” of the next great football simulator.

However, my biggest reason that EA and FIFA are heading in the right direction, is that they finally have given their attention to other offline modes – and with the introduction of Volta, AKA FIFA Street, an alternative solid online mode that is different and may even last long enough to be in Esports possibly. If they can add the option of playing with friends online on the same team in Volta, I think it has huge potential to be whatever it wants to be if EA manages it properly.

Now I personally have not got my hands on the new FIFA, but have seen and heard enough from the hardest critics, to know that it will be a far better game – while factoring in that EA cannot afford to have negative “surprise” mechanics go wrong – in their highest profit-generating game.

Volta Football

The return of Fifa Street is back but with a name change since we last saw it back in 2012. From What I have seen from Volta thus far, it seems solid enough to last longer than the journey with one monumental draw back – of not being able to play with friends online on the same team. However you do have variety in modes indicated below:

  • 3v3 without goalkeepers
  • 3v3 with goalkeepers
  • 4v4
  • 5v5 (the mode I will most likely stick to)

There are also two playable modes for Volta, the first is the usual Kick Off where you can use real life players in the above mentioned mode styles. The second however is very interesting, it’s called World mode. This mode is similar to The Journey but has some noticeable differences. To paraphrase EA, World mode is where you can create your own avatar whether male or female. You start off by setting up a Home ground, pitch type, logo as well as a team to start off with which can be mixed gender for the first time ever. You can also choose which mode style you may want to prioritise by picking a team size.

The mode will be competitive with other online players, I assume it will be similar to FUT Rivals. Interestingly how you develop your Home ground will signify your particular game style, you make the rules you want as well as edit particular infrastructure of your ground to give you the advantage on home soil.

There is also a sort of pink slip system that is implemented for World mode. Basically, this simply involves beating your opponent and being allowed to take one of their players, even a copy of the opposing player’s avatar. For some reason, I really love this because I would love to see myself beat myself – if you get what I mean. Seems a mode that is packed with content, it’s so weird to think that it’s not FUT, but an actual legitimate alternative online mode.


As much as I love the fact that a new game mode is introduced, I and I’m very sure, majority of the FIFA community will be focusing on what EA has changed in terms of gameplay for FIFA 20. Let’s get right into what I think are the major changes from 19 hopefully. It’s also important to note that actual gameplay you have seen all over the place thus far, will most likely not be the final product. I have faith EA are using this period to actually see what might make the game good and bad, purely because they can’t afford to have a bad game.

  • Dynamic one on ones: this basically refers to the intelligence of AI players to make runs and create space. I really hope player stats play a huge role in AI movements because I want higher tier players to feel better. Anyone who plays FIFA knows how overpowered players with stats in the right places can be better than players who should be better, by an enormous gap. From what I have seen, because of the slower gameplay, emphasis is placed on you as the player making those movements manually – such as triggering runs of AI players.
  • AI Defending: Finally! Rewarding players who actually control their defenders to defend rather than abusing the AI to defend for you. To summarise, players will be rewarded for actually defending themselves.
  • Strafe Dribbling: This refers to how your players move using the left stick rather than the right stick for dribbling. I feel this could be game changing in terms of the skill gap and reward better players who create space without abusing skill moves, however could be overpowered once mastered.
  • Controlled Tackling: This relates to the AI defending above in that players who control defenders for the tackle will be greater rewarded. Absolutely Orgasmic!
  • Composed Finishing: This is the one on ones between the keeper and the attacker, EA say that this will be greatly improved from 19, to reward the attacking player for creating the one on one opportunity. This in conjunction with the reduced Goalkeeper movement is music to my ears.
  • Set Piece Refresh: Involving skill to take penalties and free-kicks? Pinch me! I must be dreaming. Though it looks a bit over-complicated, but something that requires skill none the less. Most players don’t seem to like it so far, so will have to see once I get the hands on review.


Chained Skill-Moves Kind of Removed!

Probably the biggest gameplay change announced! The inability to chain skill moves that literally made defending impossible. Chaining skills moves is arguably the game breaking feature of FIFA 19 and is completely unrealistic to what skill represents in real life. The pitch notes say that skill moves will be more about creating space like in real life, rather than walking through people’s defenses like in 19. Attempting to chain skill moves will drastically increase the error of the particular skill move chained.

This is huge news because it will encourage players to actually “think” about how they score goals and get creative! However I have heard many players complain that skill moves are almost none effective, another thing to keep an eye on.

Timed Finishing and Goalkeeper Movement

From what I have seen from gameplay, this has been significantly nerfed in the correct fashion. Goalkeepers can only move one step either side and no longer like ice-skaters on steroids. Timed finishing also now looks like a solid risk for reward system that requires skill. Thus scoring from inside the box may finally be the logical easier way.


These are just my opinions from what I have seen and heard thus far. FIFA 20 has to be good in my opinion because of how outspoken the community has become, along with EA having to maintain a certain “tight-roped” reputation with its gaming community. Obviously this game can only really be judged a month after its release because of the updates and players who will never be satisfied. Let’s see, I have faith it what I have seen thus far – FIFA 20 looks good guys!

Side Note: I will repeat this again, EA cannot afford another bad game.

Cheers, Jeff!