FIFA 20 Pro Clubs – Latest Pitch Notes and New Features

Arguably Fifa’s most underrated game mode has gotten a much-needed improvement according to EA’s latest Pitch Notes. Pro Clubs is loved by many “purest” Fifa players of old and has not had much love since Ultimate Team took over the priorities of EA. Let’s delve into what EA have promised in the Pitch Notes as well as what implications this might have, for another neglected game mode.

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The way you create your own Virtual Pro has been significantly improved, giving players much greater customisation and personalisation when creating their digital-self. EA calls it a “4 quadrant axis morphing tool”, which allows you to greater enhance facial features, characteristics & freedom to intricately design your avatar.

Further new features players were asking in previous titles to add more positions into the game. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, basically more detailed descriptions rather than just strikers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers – but different ones. The new positions are as follows:

  • LF/RF (Left Forward/Right Forward)
  • LM/RM (Left Mid/Right Mid)
  • RWB/LWB (Right Wing Back/Left Wing Back)

Along with these new positions finally being added, there is also a new player progression system, your player’s height, weight, physical attributes will have different pros and cons depending on the positions you pick. This may all sound similar to the previous game but it has apparently been optimised much better with regards to how physical features affect a player.

Another interesting side note is stamina has now been configured to a risk-for-reward system. It refers to how much importance you place on stamina, can directly have an effect on your player’s existing attributes such as pace. Though I have no idea what reason there would be for stamina to effect any other attributes other than pace, they may be referring to player fatigue in-game possibly.

A nice touch is all players will start off at a respectable and playable 80 overall, with the introduction of 30 brand new traits to choose from as you progress that can alter your player’s attributes.


EA has changed up the way your team and opposition logos, banners and kits will be visually presented to the player. Furthermore, broadcasters, intros & celebrations can be done in a more coordinated & personal manner with your teammates.

You can see EA have really focused on the small things that can go a long way to improve player experience and gameplay in a more realistic-comradery-fashion.

Did I just praise EA? Cheers, Geoff!

Match Types

Lastly, two new match types have been added to Pro Clubs, which seem insignificant at first but may allow players to get creative in a Fifa game.

The first is House Rules, which is taken from Kick-Off mode in Fifa 19 that allows you to make your own rules in a match, a simple one, for example, is that you can only score from outside the box. The Pitch Notes, however, show that this is not something players will control, but rather random cups EA will set, which is kind of pointless to some extent, though let’s see when the game officially releases.

The second is Practice Match, which for some reason has only been added now. Players often don’t want to always play competitively – finally, a practice mode allows players to casually play each other and just have fun again.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

My Thoughts

The fact that EA are going through the actual effort of improving Pro Clubs, gives me the indication they may possibly do the same for, dare I say it…Manager Mode (quietly optimistic). If the above is true, then at least they are listening to the player base and putting out a game that can takes us back to the old days of playing Fifa to just having fun – not restricting everyone to Ultimate Team and pay-to-win.

Did I just praise EA again? Get in!