Game addiction caused by players, not the games – Nintendo president

Video game addiction has become a popular topic of discussion among the community after it was officially classified as a mental disorder by the World Health Organization in late 2018. The condition has caused major debates among leading gaming officials, players, and the mainstream media.

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, spoke about video game addiction during the Q&A session of Nintendo’s recent investor’s briefing, saying that in his opinion it is not possible to accuse the games but the players who have become overly dependent on the games and parents neglecting their duties.

Game Addiction

Furukawa made it clear that Nintendo has the necessary parental controls in order to help curb dependency. This allows parents to determine how much time their child can spend playing games each day, and even restrict games from being played at all. It is up to the parents to also adhere to the guides in order to protect their children from further addictive behavior.

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Source: Nintendo