Petition to get the Tesla Cybertruck in Rocket League

Petition to get the Tesla Cybertruck in Rocket League

An online petition is asking Psyonix to add the Tesla Cybertruck to Rocket League.

The car is said to be inspired by vehicles like the  Warthog of the Halo series, says the founder of Tesla Motors Elon Musk. This would be a perfect addition to the futuristic competitive sports game.

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Recently Rocket League has been at the center of a couple of controversies due to the change in micro-transactions, the abandonment of the system based on premium funds seems to have increased the prices of individual objects, so something like this as a free addon will keep fans smiling, however, should they charge for it….they probably will anger their loyal fanbase even further.

If you are interested in participating in the petition you can find it here.

Tesla Cybertruck Rocket League
Artwork by gufe_visuals on Instagram

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