PlayStation 4 Slim appears on Gumtree ad in the UK

PlayStation 4 Slim appears ahead of 7th September announcment

A Gumtree seller named Adam was offering what appears to be a PlayStation 4 Slim, you can see the cached version of the Gumtree advert here 

According to the pictures on the UK based advert , the PS4 looks to be thinner and have rounded edges compared to the original which has sharp corners. According to the images of the box and where the images originate from the town Bolton which is in Manchester, the box and console appears to be a European build with a Pegi 3 rating and also it will only have 500GB of hard drive space.

If you are skeptical, you are not alone however there are a few things that would make no sense in fabricating. Firstly the packaging is smaller and the ports are different compared to the original PS4. Secondly the model number (CUH-2016A) is new and has the 2016A which could mean Alpha, which makes sense if Sony want to test the reaction of the consumers before they announce anything about PS4 Neo on September 7th.Thirdly in the images below it appears to have a plug for PlayStation VR.

Sony is expected to announce the new version of the PlayStation 4 console on 7th September with the codename Neo. We believe this is just the opponent to the XboxOneS which was released last week to the public.

Let us know in the comments below if you think this will be the final PS4 Slim?