Social Media Passes 3.5 billion, Facebook Leads & Esports Flourishing

We live in an age where social media provides the strongest tool for change, education, news, promotion (business and pleasure), memes and mostly watching videos – because that’s what we like to do right? We have seen recently with the whole “Raid Area 51” thing, which has gotten the attention of the “so-called” most powerful “secret” army in the world apparently – the power of Social Media.

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With that being said, I still want to be abducted by aliens one day and turned into Earth’s mightiest hero…hopefully avoiding the probing in particular areas of my body that I shall leave to your imagination (ah, good times).

Social Media

I am not the greatest with numbers but add pictures into the equation and I’m practically Einstein – at least I think so. The picture above and source, which I got from We Are Social, shows just over 3.5 billion people out of the 7.7 billion people in the world as of writing this, that use all forms of social media and the most popular device, the cellphone (huge shocker). This number has grown by more than 250 million during the past year till now, this figure is obviously likely to increase as we move into the apparent or current Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I wrote before that we mostly watch videos, clearly, we watch way too many videos (I wonder what kind, hehehe). If you are content creators, now is the time to capitalise even though the online streaming market is oversaturated – well some might say. The graph above is not divided into 100 but rather how we spend our time on platforms. According to We Are Social, 4 billion people watch online content – but more interestingly 2 billion of those people tune into vlogs and content streamers. The world really loves a good video!

Social Media Youth

Facebook continues to dominate the youth in terms of social media platforms, above is very much self-explanatory. Funny enough, We Are Social report that it is mostly down to clickbait, all you 13 to 17-year-olds. Stop falling into the clickbait trap! I did a bit of my own research & us 90’s babies and older tend to gravitate equally through all platforms of social media, whether we have an account or not (stalker alert).

Though we don’t get caught by clickbait right?

Watching Esports Tournaments

Above graph represents the countries that mostly watch Esports. Another important note is this includes pro-streamers on Twitch and YouTube and not just the competitions. We Are Social accounts Esports watchers to just over 1 billion of the global population- of which is roughly 3 in 10 people who have watched competitive gaming recently. Lastly, if you exclude the worldwide stat, South Africa comes in at number 13 in the world. Now that is a clear green light of just what a gold mine gaming can potentially be in our beautiful country. All it needs is that financial push and I will bet my left leg that we can compete with the best the world has to offer.

There are various other stats you can find on We Are Social, you can find a plethora of other interesting stats other than the above. Though my question is simple, what do you think of the above stats? Were you surprised at where our country falls in Esports? Did you think Facebook would not be so popular among the youth? Are you surprised by how much of time we spend watching videos (get your mind out of the gutter).

One thing is for sure, I do feel older now!


Source (We Are Social)