The Razer Online Game Store to close on 28 February

Razer has just announced that it will cease operations of its digital game distribution platform, Razer Games Store, at the end of February. 

In a news release, its team said: “We regret to announce that Razer Games Store will cease operations on 28 Feb at 1700hrs UTC+8 as part of the company’s realignment plans.” It added that it will be “investing in other ways to deliver great content and introduce game promotions through Razer Gold”, referring to its virtual credits system.

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Regarding purchases already made by customers, Razer explained in an FAQ in its press release that they will still work even after closure. The company added that it will still fulfill customers’ pre-orders and that they can still use Razer Gold to continue to buy games online. Razer also stated that it “will request” for the deletion of customers’ data by any partners that are no longer working with Razer Game Store.

“We will be sending you an email with an archive of all your game purchases where you’ll be able to activate them on Steam or UPlay at your own convenience,” the company added.

The Razer Online Game Store to close on 28 February