Gamification is “using game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems.” Now tenants in South Africa can get up to 20% of their rent back in rewards, every month, all thanks to Flow – a free mobile app that is now available for download from the Apple and Android app stores.

South Africans use various rewards programs already from healthcare to grocery shopping, where you get rewarded for certain types of activities and behavior. In most South African lives the biggest expense is their monthly rental and now thanks to Flow tenants get rewarded for registering, adding their property details, paying their rent on time, looking after their homes, and much more.

Great tenants can earn thousands of points every month, increasing their Flow score and accessing incredible rewards. For these rewards, Flow has struck partnerships with a number of leading brands in the lifestyle, entertainment, homeware, fashion plus a selection of airtime and electricity providers, all of which are valuable within the lives of millennials, who make up a large portion of renters in South Africa.

Current Flow rewards partners include:

  • Superbalist,
  • Weylandts,
  • SweepSouth,
  • Debonairs
  • OneCart, with more to be launched soon

Visit flow & start earning your rewards!

(Left to right Jonathan Liebmann, Gil Sperling, Daniel Levy)

Flow will save tenants time and money, enabling them to live a more seamless and affordable lifestyle. And, a happier tenant being rewarded for good rental behaviour makes for a happy landlord which in turn makes for a happy home.

The growth of Generation Rent in South Africa

Gil Sperling, CEO of Flow, notes that these days, millennials are putting off buying property & renting for much longer than they used to. “We call this group of millennial renters ‘Generation Rent’, and while this trend is true for South Africa, it’s true for much of the global population too. The older generation may attach a social status to renting, but millennials don’t see it that way. For one thing, the property market has changed, meaning that the price of property has put homeownership quite firmly out of most millennials’ reach. The rollercoaster that is the South African economy doesn’t help much either. Millennials are therefore more interested in owning their lifestyle than owning their home.

“By renting a property, they have extra money available to see the world, start up a business or study. After all, the world is more connected than ever before, so a lot of millennials are looking for opportunities to work & travel – and owning a property doesn’t feature heavily in this plan. Millennials are seeking the ultimate flexibility in most aspects of their lives, & it was this trend that resulted in our idea to create Flow – the first app, globally, to reward good tenants,” says Sperling.

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