Pre-orders now open for Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless headset

Pre-orders now open for Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless headset

One thing the Xbox Series X and S consoles lacked at launch was the availability of new accessories, however looks like a few months and we now have an official Xbox Wireless headset coming March 16th.

The new accessory is priced at an affordable $99, the new Xbox Wireless Headset will use the same proprietary Xbox Wireless protocol used by Xbox controllers to deliver lower latency, the headset will seamlessly connect to multiple devices including the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC's.

Microsoft reveals new $99 Xbox Wireless Headset with great features

Microsoft states that the battery life is around 15 hours on a single charge, you can also gain around 4 hours of use by plugging it in for 30 minutes using USB-C. If you plan on using the headset on PC you need to have Bluetooth 4.2+ and the Xbox Wireless adaptor.

Direct pairing to console | Exceptional sound | Light and flexible

You can pre-order the Xbox Wireless Headset from the Microsoft Store ahead of the March 16th launch.

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